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Pantyhose World: make your legs shine

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1. Decide on your style:Sheer-to-Waist - completely sheer from top to waistband pantyhose, without control top, or other form of panty top. Provide least support in the top/ panty area.Control Top - provide support, shaping effect. Usually consist of higher denier/ compression style "panty" area of the pantyhose. Help smooth out tummy, hips and thigh area.Brief panty - non-control top, but have "brief panty" area, that is usually high denier, not sheer through.Seamless - seamless pantyhose offer seam-free "panty" area of the pantyhose, they have no gusset. Famous example of seamless pantyhose is Wolford Fatal. They can be sheer, i.e. 10-20 denier, or opaque, 50-80 denier.2. Decide on the denier/ sheerness. The lower the denier, the sheerer are the pantyhose.5,7,8 denier - ULTRA SHEER, usually made for the summer months and look like make-up for your legs. They are virtually invisible, mostly to cover imperfections. If you select the color correctly, these pantyhose will virtually disappear on your legs.10 -15 denier - sheer pantyhose provide sheer coverage, perfect for special occasions and for warmer days. 20-30 denier - semi-sheer pantyhose, provide good coverage for your legs, more durable.40-50 denier - semi-opaque, excellent coverage, perfect for transitional months60+ denier - opaque, usually warmer, provide full coverage, perfect for colder fall, winter and early spring months3. Decide on your color. Any basic nude or black come in a variety of shades, so be careful at determining what shade you need to properly match your skin tone.4. Decide on the size:It is extremely important to correctly select your size. Correct size = comfort = pleasant wearing experience.